We charge our customers an annual fee to use the mail and package delivery service because the service we use to receive packages in McAllen Texas is a professional UPS store. We are charged by the company per person per month, and we must pass that cost on to our clients. We are not able to absorb the fees associated with receiving packages and mail.

There are several benefits to using a paid service. When mail and packages are received, a tracking number with notification is sent via text informing Delivery USA Mexico that your parcel is received. The Mailing Store in McAllen signs a receipt for all packages received. No parcels, packages or mail are delivered during closed hours or left on a doorstep. Our foolproof system is why we have never lost a package! We can track a package from the time it leaves the place of origination until it is received by you, the customer. This process is especially important for customers who receive life-sustaining medications or expensive items.

Most delivery services charge an annual fee. Please check the prices of each company and compare. Delivery USA Mexico is the least expensive because we only charge clients the actual cost; there is no upcharge.

There is only one delivery service in San Miguel that does not charge an annual fee. Why? Because packages and mail are sent to residence rather than a business. Google the address yourself. Why is this a problem? Parcels and mail are left on the doorstep if no one is home to receive or sign for the package. If no one is home, items are subject to “porch pirating.” There is no liability. UPS says the package was delivered; the resident owner says he did not accept it. Who has responsibility and liability in this case? How long will it take to resolve? If ever. The customer who didn’t receive the package suffers the loss.

Do NOT be a penny wise and a dollar foolish. As we all have learned over time, NOTHING is free in life or business. Generally, we expect to receive for what we have paid — professional, reliable delivery service. We are proud to display a picture of where your packages and mail are received in Texas!