Most delivery companies charge by weight and dimensions when shipping to Mexico.  We only charge for the exact weight, unless of course you are ordering a washing machine.  You need to call to discuss shipment of a very large item.  We recently transported an entire load of high-end kitchen appliances.  Wow! What a trip.  This kind of shipment cannot be combined with smaller packages.  We always appreciate knowing what it is we are expected to transport. Notify us via email ahead of time so we can discuss.

As stated in our website, all orders must be accompanied by an invoice.  All customs agents have hand-held devices to scan bar codes.  If you have made a discounted purchase, you will be charged the full retail price, even if you paid a discounted or reduced price.  Invoices are now a critical part of your ordering.  Any company that does not require invoices will not be in business for very long.

As one Customs official said to me, “you pay taxes in the states, yes?  Why do you think you shouldn’t pay in Mexico?”.   When I said, “yes, I already paid tax on the item”, he responded with – “then stay in the USA”.  To transport items into Mexico, you must pay the tax for importation.  It’s the law.  “Aren’t you law abiding”  …the customs agent spoke perfect English.

Weight is critical because weight equals money. purchased the top rated scale for accuracy.  Why should you pay more?  To that end we have a new scale that weighs up to 440 pounds.  You are welcome to test its accuracy.  We want you to pay for only the actual amount of your package.  Sometimes packages are taken out of the original box, which cuts down on the weight, although not as attractive.  When shipping to Mexico everyone throws the box away anyway.  Right?

Photo by Obed Hernández