Border crossings from the USA into Mexico ain’t what they used to be. It is changing. All customs officers have hand held devices to scan the bar codes on all packages.

If you do not send an invoice, the customs officer will charge for the highest price listed on the handheld device. You must enclose an invoice with all orders in order to pay the duty for all Mexican border crossings. We cannot guarantee delivery without invoices. This is a big departure from how the delivery business has been conducted in the past. There still might be a few companies operating in this manner, but they will not be able to sustain paying bribes, the cost of which has dramatically increased due to the new policies at the border. One can not escape hand held scanning devices.

But one might say, this is not how it used to be and that person would be correct. Things Ain’t What They Used to Be-For the Good and for the Bad.

DeliveryUSAMexico takes pride in working with the governmental agencies and the customs officers for all Mexican border crossings. Paying graft only leads to difficulties and a questionable reputation. It is always best to work within the parameters of the law, especially when dealing with international borders.

Most expats complain about the corruption in Mexico, except when it hits them in the purse. Everyone wants goods from the USA but is reluctant to pay for the cost of Mexican border crossings to San Miguel and throughout Mexico. Sometimes the cost of transportation is greater than the item. That is a decision each customer will have to make for his/her self. Please do not compare DeliveryUSAMexico to other services. We are different in how we conduct business. Better yet, do compare us. Inquire if you have any questions.