Delivery Fees

All fees are presented in USD.  Payments can be made in USD by cash, check, or friend-to-friend PayPal or the current peso equivalent. ​ We will add an additional 5% for payments through an alternative PayPal system (such as PayPal Mexico).

Delivery cost is $4.00 USD per lb. with a minimum of $10.00 USD per package.

All other cities we service will require ESTAFETA, DHL, or FEDEX delivery from San Miguel (in addition to the fee for crossing from Texas to San Miguel).

Vitamins and medicines cost $5.00 per bottle with a minimum of $10.00 per package.

Signatures are available for proof of package delivery in Texas for items requiring proof.​

Customs may charge 16% duty on all items at the discretion of the customs officer.

New Fees for 2020

No annual fee for the 2020 year. 

For those who do not need mail delivery and have few shipments, you can pay $10 for the month during which the package(s) is delivered.


Delivery Procedures

Delivery USA Mexico requires the following:

Your tracking number from the merchant and complete invoice for every purchase including prices.  Customs officials are now scanning barcodes on any item they choose and we must have correct invoices to avoid confiscation.

Please send your email tracking number to: service@DeliveryUSAMexico.com

​​Amazon Packages: please know that if you order from Amazon and the package is missing and there is no signature proof of delivery, Amazon will replace the order or refund your account if you contact them within 30 days.

Once your packages arrive in SMA you will be receive an invoice via email for the delivery cost from the border.  This email lets you know that your package is ready for pick-up.

If the delivery destination is other than San Miguel please allow a week for the package to get to the destination address you provided.


Please Note:

We will not be responsible for packages left over 30 days unless we have received notice to hold the package.

​​Customs fees are included in price, but all packages are subject to opening for Customs inspection with the possibility of additional fee. ​​​​Customs may add an additional 16% duty on electronics.

Customs Officers have the right to open all parcels.  They may, at their discretion, disallow certain items, whether legal or illegal.  Please understand that it is a rarity but it does happen.

DeliveryUSAMexico is not responsible for the actions of Customs officers.

Insurance does not cover disallowed items or confiscated by Customs.

The contents of your package may be carefully repacked to save space​.​

Your package may be opened by customs.  We have no control over the customs process and we do our best to re-pack items for delivery in Mexico.