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Professional Package and Mail Delivery


Next Delivery in SMA:

Next delivery date is Wednesday, July 10.  

Pick up your packages in SMA at
Hernandez Macias #6
Centro – Between Insurgentes and Calzada de la  Luz 

DeliveryUSAMexico brings packages to San Miguel for pick-up at our office.  If you live in another location, we will send your package on via Fed Ex, DHL, or Estafeta to your city location.

All items are insured for damages or loss for all allowed entries.  Our drivers are bonded and our company is insured.

Your original invoices for all purchases must be submitted to us for customs officials at the border.  Without invoices, your packages may not be put on the truck to cross into Mexico.

Contact us at


Your Name – SMA
c/o Marino
4121 North 10th St.
Suite 305
McAllen, TX 78504


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Blog Articles

Why Pay An Annual Fee For Delivery

We charge our customers an annual fee to use the mail and package delivery service because the service we use to receive packages in McAllen Texas is a professional UPS store. We are charged by the company per person per month, and we must pass that cost on to our...

Why Home Delivery Didn’t Work

During the months of January and February San Miguel was experiencing a horrific gas problem.  Many clients simply could not manage to get to the office to pick vital medications.  As a way of accommodating our clients, we delivered to everyone.  We thought it would...

The Mailing Store Ladies

These two ladies are the fanatic duo who handle all the incoming parcels!  As packages arrive, each tracking number is scanned and sent to my cell phone.  The owner, Mrs. Molina (on the right) also develops a list of tracking numbers. When our driver arrives to the...

The Mailing Store

We want all of our customers to have a sense of trust in DeliveryUSAMexcio. This is the mailing address in McAllen Texas that receives your packages and mail. As you can see it is not a house or an abandoned building or warehouse, but rather a legitimate mailing...

Shipping to Mexico  

Most delivery companies charge by weight and dimensions when shipping to Mexico.  We only charge for the exact weight, unless of course you are ordering a washing machine.  You need to call to discuss shipment of a very large item.  We recently transported an entire...

Mexican Border Crossings

Border crossings from the USA into Mexico ain't what they used to be. It is changing. All customs officers have hand held devices to scan the bar codes on all packages. If you do not send an invoice, the customs officer will charge for the highest price listed on the...